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FIC: Harvest Quest: Enoch's Interlude

Title: Enoch’s Interlude
Characters: Chandir/Wryn/Enoch
Series: Another Life, Harvest Quest

The door shut with a finality of doom as Lars left the three men in the guest cottage. That sense of doom was felt in the pit of Enoch’s stomach. He was slowly understanding that Chandir and Wryn wouldn’t leave him or send him away. They were now bonded for life. But knowing he had disappointed the two men who meant everything to him weighed heavily on his heart.

After taking off his cloak and hanging it on the hook by the door, Enoch didn’t know what to do next. Chandir and Wryn had taken off their coats and then had started fixing a soup for dinner. Once all the ingredients were simmering on the fire, Chandir and Wryn sat at the table.

“I-I’m sorry,” Enoch whispered, standing awkwardly with his head hanging down.

“Did you offend the floor?” Chandir asked in false concern.

Enoch’s head whipped up in confusion. “No.”

“Then speak to us not the floor.”

Swallowing, Enoch repeated the apology. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?” Wryn asked in not an unkind voice.

Enoch looked at Wryn in confusion. “Because I left without telling you.”

“And?” Wryn asked. When Enoch just looked at him, he gently said, “Go. Go stand in the corner and think why would Chandir and I be upset?”

Although his friends, Astrid and Misham, had talked of standing in the corner, Enoch had never experienced this type of discipline. Stumbling to the corner, he didn’t know what to do with his hands. Where should he look? Was he too close? Should he be closer? Enoch’s heart started to race. He didn’t want to disappoint his doms anymore than he already had.

Suddenly, he was wrapped in Chandir’s heavy coat. “Settle. You are alright. You are fine. Just stand here and let your heart tell your mind why you feel repentant.”

Under the weight of the larger man’s coat, Enoch calmed. Like a ship, he was anchored in the winds of a storm. He was steadied. It wasn’t just the weight of the cloak, but it also had the strong scent of Chandir on it, enveloping Enoch in it’s safety.

With the weight and the scent came a clarity of mind. Yes, leaving without telling his two doms was one of the reasons they were upset, but there was also another reason. He hadn’t told them of the visions he’d been having. They’d seen him suffering seizures from trying to block the visions the stars showed him. Worry for his safety was two-fold.

“Enoch.” Chandir’s voice was soft so he wouldn’t startle him. “Come.”

Enoch turned around and took the hand that Chandir held out. The look in both Chandir’s and Wryn’s eyes was firm, but the love shone just as brightly.

“Do you have your ‘and’ now?” Wryn asked as he took the coat from Enoch’s shoulders.

“Yes. Not only did I leave without telling you and Chandir; I also didn’t tell you of the visions I was having.” Enoch shivered slightly at the loss of the heavy coat.

Wryn nodded. “Yes, the gift of the visions can also be an incredibly heavy burden. This is why Historians live in polyamorous relations. We share our burdens as much as we share our joys. You denied that to Chandir and I.”

Enoch tried to swallow the lump in his throat but couldn’t.

“Did you think that you couldn’t share them?” Wryn continued his questioning.

Enoch shook his head. That wasn’t it at all. He knew he could share anything with them. He knew that they would listen to him.

“Then why?”

Chandir’s voice wasn’t as gentle as Wryn’s. And for some reason that comforted Enoch. Wryn’s gentleness combined with Chandir’s gruff ways was the perfect push and pull for him. They kept Enoch balanced.

“I just didn’t think to do so.” Enoch’s reply was truthful and honest. He hadn’t thought to turn to the two men because he’d never had anyone to help him before. But he did now.

“Right. You just didn’t think,” Chandir agreed. “And that is why you will feel the pain of my hand. So that next time, you will take the time to think.”

“You will also feel the pain of my hand. You have two dominants that you must answer to,” Wryn stated.

Enoch nodded. Their pain was two-fold so too should his. He stood still and sure as Chandir pulled out a chair and sat down. He continued to stand still when Chandir reached out and pulled down his pants.

“Step out, agape.”

Enoch obeyed the order. As soon as he stepped out of the pants, he was guided over Chandir’s hard lap.

“We’ve talked. And you understand the necessity of this.” Chandir’s voice fell quiet as his hand fell on Enoch’s bare backside.

Enoch’s toes tried to find purchase on the wooden floor to no avail. He wanted to stay still and stoic for his punishment, but Chandir’s hand fell rapidly and with force. Enoch grabbed the legs of the chair to stop from reaching back. Chandir’s hard hand continued to fall, each slap of his hand no harder, or softer, than the one before. Enoch lost count after ten hard swats, but still his dominant spanked. When tears were pooling on the floor, Chandir’s hand finally stopped.

Enoch was set back on his feet, facing Chandir. The big man reached up and wiped the tears from his cheeks. Then Chandir turned him toward Wryn.

The other dominant reached out and with a tug on Enoch’s hand, had the sub across his lap. A sob escaped from Enoch’s mouth.

“I know, sweet agape. We are almost done.” With those words floating in the air, Wryn brought his own hand down on the top of Enoch’s thighs.

Enoch jumped at the intensity of the pain. The spanks weren’t as hard, but they didn’t need to be. The skin where thigh met butt was tender and sensitive. Wryn’s hand alternated between the sit spots. Enoch couldn’t control himself anymore as he reached back to protect his burning ass.

“This is a hard lesson to learn, but one that is needed.” Wryn’s voice was gentle as he took Enoch’s hand and moved it up to the small of his back. The dominant held Enoch’s hand as he finished the punishment with several more swats to the red sit spots.

Enoch laid sobbing over Wryn’s lap. Time lost meaning as the burn in his backside warred with the gentle rubbing of Wryn’s hand on his back. But time doesn’t stop for the necessitates of life.

“Come. Eat. And then we can re-connect.”

Chandir insisted that Enoch sit on his lap as they ate their dinner. The soup and warm bread soothed Enoch’s stomach. The soft touches and kisses of Chandir and Wryn as he ate soothed his soul. His bottom hurt, but Enoch felt relieved. He felt calm. They were a love of three. He knew he’d make more mistakes but together they would work it out.